Digital Collage

My digital collages are immediate, fun, and highly curated. This page showcases images I've created for different campaings. Email me at for information on sliding scale commissions. Make your party invite, profile picture, puppy adoption notices, breakup announcement, participation awards, etc. eccentric and delighful. 

Mutual Aid Lube

Mutual Aid Lube is a project born out of Adrienne Maree Brow's "Pleasure Activism". Each lube sale forgives $100 of Applachian medical debt by utilizing RIP Medical Debt's "Reviving Appalachia" program. Packages of debt are bought for small fractions of the original value, then forgiven.  

Queer Appalachia Harm Reduction

Images created for Queer Appalachia harm reduction events in 2019. These include event fliers and several images used as invitations for Joss Sackler to participate.

Fistmas 2018

Fistmas is a holiday-orientated social media campaign by Queer Appalachia. It was created in recognition of the tough reality family-orientated holidays can be for queer community. On December 25th, Queer Appalachia relseased as much content and images as possible, effecively stuffing as much as possible onto the internet. No matter where folks were, they were able to tune-in, take a break from whatever difficult reunions were happening. These images were created and released as a count-down to Fistmas.

Jort Season 2019

Jort Season was a campaign to celebrate warmer weather, resourcefulness, queer bodies, and resilience. Starting on Easter, jort season was designed to give people something to look forward to if Easter means complicated family interactions.These images were created to raise awareness and excitement, encouraging people to participate by showing off their #queerjorts.