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My work explores queer experience through theory and culture. I have adopted a process-oriented approach to my creative practice which results in work that can be read on multiple levels, ranging from humorous to intensely serious. Bodies, queer sexuality, and sense of place are the themes that form the connective threads running through my work. By drawing on my experience as a queer living in Appalachia, I create a mash-up of imagery that is presented to the viewer in one fell swoop. The inherent tension between seriousness and playfulness in my work defuses the seriousness of these topics thereby creating openings for the audience to engage more deeply.  My convictions are presented using a delivery system of absurd performance, bright colors, loud pattern, and fake fur. The initial read is light-hearted and appealing; however, upon spending more time with the work, serious undertones that are difficult to identify begin to emerge.  That sense of ambiguity is essential to my work.

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